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What is Subwing

Subwing is a new revolutionary watersport product that reinvents the way we explore the sea. The multi award winning Subwing makes human underwater flying possible, with virtually full freedom of movement, letting you glide trough the water like a dolphin.


Subwing was invented on a sailboat in the Mediterranean Sea by an 18-year-old Norwegian teenager Simon Sivertsen in the summer of 2010.

Simon was astounded by the clarity of the water when sailing with his father and brother through the Greek islands. He almost felt like flying when diving, and the only thing he has been missing, was the speed and thrill. Thats how the first ideas of an underwater wing, towed behind a boat, started emerging in his brain.

After sailing for some weeks they arrived in Italy, and a new idea had evolved on paper. A simple, but clever solution which involved two separate fins (or wings which we like call it) connected together with a twistable joint. From the local supermarket and hardware store they bought two chopping boards, some gardening hose connector links and some fiberglass. After a lot of mess and with limited access to proper tools, the very first SUBWING was created at sea.


Pulled behind a motorized boat, the Subwing consists of two connected ‘wings’, which allow the user to glide through the water like a dolphin, above or below the water surface.

As SUBWING products are closely connected to water and marine environment, SUBWING takes part in marine life conservation programs. SUBWING policy is to spread the awareness of the marine ecosystem and coral reefs protection.

A diving mask is the only additional equipment needed for the ride. You can use a snorkel optionally, but in case of usage, it is recommended to use a smaller version to reduce the water force pulling on the snorkel.

Most of watersport enthusiast would love Subwing, from those who take deep dives to those who are most comfortable riding on the surface taking short, shallow dives.

A beginner will usually only be underwater for about 10-15 seconds and will dive down to about 3 meters (10 feet) in depth. When one receives more training and can use the rear grip to equalize the ears, you can dive longer and deeper.

Subwing is designed so that a rider can easily keep the head well above the water line for breathing or communicating when lying in the surface position.

Did you know?

Subwing Palawan is not associated with SUBWING company. Visit their official website to find out more about revolutionary Subwing!